While Thirty Million Words® and others in the early learning field have made progress towards developing evidence-based interventions, it is clear that even the most effective interventions do not scale themselves. We are eager to take the next step forward.

Given the magnitude of the number of families in need, a community-wide approach is needed. Without a single point of entry for change—as the public school system can be for children age five and older—the multi-centric early childhood environment makes it difficult to make the critical leap from knowing what works to scaling what works.

As part of our agenda to improve early learning outcomes, the TMW Center will undertake the creation of a community-wide demonstration project to embed evidence-based interventions in health, education, and community service systems.

On December 4, TMW Center shared a Request for Partnership (RFP) with interested partners. The RFP is due March 5, 2018. Interested partners who would like to apply, kindly email questions or a request for the RFP to TMWpartners@bsd.uchicago.edu.