September 2020

Early Childhood Educators’ Commitment on Display

The toll of the coronavirus crisis on child care providers is certain to be profound and long-lasting, with dramatic consequences on families and employers across the nation. Parents, providers, advocacy groups, and others are sounding the alarm about the unsustainable nature of the current system—one that was in crisis before the pandemic even began.

We support those efforts and echo those concerns, and, in recent months, have been reminded of the incredible commitment of early childhood educators.

Over the past six months, despite Herculean efforts to serve the needs of their communities, both home-based and center-based child care providers have struggled to keep their doors open. And during that same time, as individual educators faced various combinations of uncertainty, unemployment, the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, and other concerns, more than 675 of them registered to participate in our virtual 3Ts Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Course.

We applaud every educator who took the time during this crisis to sharpen their own skills and enhance their ability to promote foundational brain development through nurturing talk and interaction. As so many families know (now, more than ever), raising a child is not a solo endeavor. The more caretakers and adults who learn the science of early brain development, the better off all children will be.

We welcome any early childhood educator to enroll in our online course at