October 2018

Exciting Updates from the TMW Center – Newsletter Issue 02

Dear Friends,

It was a busy summer at the TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health. While others may have slowed down for vacations and the like, we were ramping up efforts, and are eager to share some exciting news.

Most notably, we’re beginning to work with our newly selected community partner to lay the foundation for our community-wide roll out. Taking our efforts to scale means there is a lot to do and much to learn in the coming months.  With the North Star of optimizing foundational brain development using science that combines theory and data, this partnership will both inform and be informed by our work around the science of scaling.  We’re thrilled to reveal the chosen community in this newsletter and look forward to sharing our progress in the coming months.

We’re also planning our first convening: Leveraging the Healthcare System to Impact Educational Disparities, the inaugural Rohit and Harvanit Kumar Conference on the Economics of Early Childhood Education. By gathering thought-leaders from across disciplines, our aim is to elevate the role of the healthcare sector in intervening early and having a lasting impact on a child’s future health and well-being. For more details and to register, please click here.  We hope to see you all at the University of Chicago for this event.

These accomplishments, along with many other ongoing projects at the TMW Center, would not have been possible without our amazing research team. In addition to our staff, this summer we saw an influx of 32 undergraduate and graduate students from across the country who brought a wonderful energy to our lab. They used their talents on 13 projects ranging from formatively testing our new TMW-Pediatrics curriculum, to advancing work on our upcoming community-wide demonstration project, and developing our tech platform. Their contributions were immense and we would be remiss not to thank them.

As always, thanks to you, too, for your continued interest and support of our work.  Let’s change the world!

Warmest regards,

Dana and John