July 2021

First Let’s Talk Spanish-Language Groups Launch!

The pilot of our Let’s Talk group program has expanded to two new cities: Houston, Texas, and Lexington, Kentucky. And for the first time, the program is being offered in Spanish as well as English.

Science demonstrates that parents engage with young children most effectively in their native language, and we are thrilled to have one group of Spanish-speaking parents participating in Let’s Talk in the Lexington region and two groups in Houston. The other groups in each region will meet in English.

This would not be possible without our dedicated partners who implement Let’s Talk locally. We are so grateful to Community Action Council and Children’s Museum Houston for recruiting participating parents and facilitating this powerful program in the manner that best meets their needs.

You can learn more about Let’s Talk and all of our evidence-based programs at https://tmwcenter.uchicago.edu/tmwcenter/what-we-do/evidence-based-interventions-tools/.