March 2019

New Online Parent and Caregiver Resource

The TMW Center website has a valuable new resource for those looking for ways to enrich children’s early learning environments. We’ve recently launched our TMW Parent and Caregiver portal, chock full of information and tips designed to maximize the impact of adult interactions on foundational brain development. With the 3Ts at its core, this latest addition to our site shares the science in an easy-to-digest manner, uses video to show TMW strategies in action, and offers downloadable materials for parents and practitioners. Special attention is paid to ways we can incorporate more talk and interaction into everyday activities.

Our hope with this new undertaking is that we’ll expand our reach and encourage visitors to turn their newfound knowledge into action to benefit the young children in their lives. Similarly, we hope they’ll be inspired to help us Spread the Words about the critical role caregiver talk and interaction play in building children’s brains and shaping their futures in their communities and beyond.