October 2020

Scaling Book is Off to the Presses

As part of the TMW Center’s commitment to advancing the science of scaling—that is, understanding how experimental insights can effectively be scaled—in the early childhood field, we have curated an edited volume dedicated to the topic. Featuring contributions from an esteemed and diverse group of authors, including economists, psychiatrists, physicians, field researchers, and early childhood practitioners, this book will provide actionable blueprints for more effectively approaching scaling. Last week, we submitted a final draft of the manuscript—all 21 chapters—to the book’s publisher, Routledge. This project has been a labor of love for many of us and we can’t wait to see The Scale-Up Effect in Early Childhood and Public Policy: Why Interventions Lose Impact at Scale and What We Can Do About It hit shelves in June 2021! For a list of authors and chapter topics, you can view the book’s table of contents here.