November 2019

Spanish Home Visiting Wrap Up

Earlier this fall, we completed the pilot study of the Spanish language adaptation of TMW-Home Visiting (TMP). Ninety-five families participated in the 12-month effort, which included 12 bi-weekly meetings between the parent and home visitor.  The children ranged in age from two- to two-and-a-half-years-old at the outset, and we followed the families to six months post-intervention.

The TMP team has already put the wheels of our of feedback-driven-innovation-cycle in motion by hosting a focus group of participating parents. The goal of this meeting was to hear first-hand what TMP parents thought of the experience, with an eye toward improving the existing curriculum. The comments were overwhelmingly positive, with parents demonstrating a clear understanding of their role fostering their children’s early brain development, as well as mastery of the 3Cs: Conectarse, Conversar, y Compartir Turnos.

Said one TMP graduate of her experience, “Now I’m always looking for ways to interact and play more with my child. I find that we have a closer connection because of the program.” Said another, “I really see the difference in my child.  He’s more social, confident, and independent.”

We look forward to sharing findings from the pilot in the coming months.