July 2020

Summer 2020

These past five months have brought with them unprecedented challenges. Now in our 19th full week of remote work, we’ve had to reimagined ways to advance our work by adapting our efforts and outreach. We wanted to take this time to share with you a few examples of how we’ve been able to do this.

Thanks to innovative technology, strong partnerships, and our committed team, our research studies have continued and even expanded during this time. First, we were able to open TMW-Early Childhood Educator (ECE), our free online professional development, to hundreds of educators outside of our original randomized control trial. Since April, more than 460 educators have enrolled and nearly 200 have completed the course. Additionally, we’ve worked with our partners in Palm Beach County, Florida, to begin offering TMW-Newborn remotely to enable families to participate even without in-person interactions in hospitals and clinics. We’ve also adapted our flagship English Home Visiting program to a fully-remote model, where both video sessions and assessments are conducted virtually.

Prior to the pandemic, the TMW Center had begun to pilot Let’s Talk and Let’s Talk Dads group programs in communities across the country. When in-person gathering were no longer an option, we quickly adapted our curricula and research methods to offer online versions. Collaboration with our partners has been integral to these changes as we work to understand how to make the adaptations fit parents’ access to technology, organizations’ changing budgets, local stay-at-home orders and more. We’re excited to share that, through our partnership with Southwest Human Development in Phoenix, Arizona, we’ve launched our first fully-remote Let’s Talk Dads pilot with 20 dads participating in the Zoom-based sessions. 

Beyond our research studies, we’ve also made great strides in other areas of our work. We’ve worked closely with our partners at PNC Grow Up Great to update the Any Time is 3Ts Time campaign for the current context, focusing on how we can support organizations in their digital engagement with families. To date, we’ve had more than 120 organizations sign up to access 3Ts resources. We’ve also completed the first build of our tech platform, which will help us to support remote and in-person delivery of our interventions and coordinate data collection at a broader scale. This has been a multi-year effort, and we’re excited to see how our work is transformed as a result.

We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has made this work possible. While it’s still uncertain how long COVID-19 will be a part of our lives, these past four months have  reinforced the need for us to increase our support to families.