October 2018

The Healthcare Sector’s Role in Priming Parents

On November 30th, thought-leaders from across the country will join us in Saieh Hall for the Rohit and Harvanit Kumar Conference on the Economics of Early Childhood, Leveraging the Healthcare System to Impact Educational Disparities.  The focus of this convening, the TMW Center’s first, is to elevate the role of the healthcare sector, highlight its current approaches, and harness its capacity to impact a child’s future health and well-being.

Our decision to focus on the healthcare sector was driven by our belief that it is both uniquely positioned to disseminate evidenced-based strategies directly to parents, and vastly underutilized in its practice of doing so.

A dynamic roster of speakers from multiple disciplines will discuss ways the healthcare sector can foster parental knowledge of foundational brain development, look at current programs having impact, and examine the role of the science of scaling to replicate and scale evidence-based programs.

All are welcome to attend. Space is limited. Register here.