October 2021

TMW Center Leadership in the Media

TMW Center Co-Directors Dana Suskind and John List have been featured in a variety of media outlets recently, discussing the Center’s latest work and sharing their perspectives on pressing issues facing children and parents.
  • In a Chicago Tribune op-ed, Dana shares findings from the latest TMW Center research on parental beliefs, and reflects on the study’s important implications for researchers and society at large.
  • Writing with Ori Heffetz in Project Syndicate, John argues that more social science experiments are urgently needed to ensure that we implement policies with a proven record of success.
  • As an invited contributor to the Milken Institute’s Power of Ideas essay series, Dana illustrates that “By Supporting Parents, We Boost Child Development.
  • Dana was also featured in a recent episode of Freakonomics Radio investigating the causes of—and potential solutions to—the tragically high rates of child poverty in the U.S.