October 2018

TMW-Home Visiting: Early Signs of Impact

This past June saw the completion of the intervention phase of our longitudinal study, generously funded by PNC Grow Up Great. As we continue with booster sessions and data collection through 2020, we’re gaining encouraging insights into the impact of the TMW-Home Visiting curriculum.

“With the use of observation and transcription, we’re able to analyze the parents’ talk during play and book-sharing times with their children,” says Director of TMW Research Christy Leung. Initial analysis shows that, following the 12-module intervention, participants’ knowledge of early childhood cognitive and language development increased significantly. Parent participants subsequently provided richer home language environments for their toddlers, showing an average increase of 72% in the complexity and diversity of language they used with their children (such as use of plurals, verbs, etc.), compared with a 24% increase among parents in the control group.

According to Leung, “The ability to foster more complex and diverse talk among low-SES parents is an important first step to addressing the early language disparities, as well as to supporting low-SES young children’s development of language and communication skills.”

We look forward to sharing more exciting results as they become available.