February 2021

We’re Hiring!

A diverse, interdisciplinary, and passionate team fuels the TMW Center’s ongoing progress toward our vision of a future where all children start formal schooling ready to learn and thrive. Currently, we’re looking for passionate individuals to fill several integral roles on our team. We are seeking:

  • A Managing Director of Research & Innovation to oversee strategic development and management of the TMW Center’s suite of tools, technologies, and programs.
  • A Director of Partnerships to develop a strategic vision for implementation of the TMW Center’s community-based, pediatric sector-based, and knowledge-based delivery models and to oversee the team that provides training, technical assistance, and strategic guidance to partners implementing TMW programs and tools.
  • A Data Science Analyst to further develop the TMW Center’s data system and data organization processes and protocols to ensure consistency and quality, prepare for a large volume of anticipated incoming data, and produce quality, analyzable data sets.

We also regularly have opportunities available for students, post-docs and temporary staff. More information about all of our open positions is available at https://tmwcenter.uchicago.edu/tmwcenter/careers/.