Dynamic Results from the TMW Home Visiting Program

The longitudinal study of the TMW-Home Visiting curriculum is fully enrolled and we’re excited to share some of what we’re learning. Preliminary results show that after receiving the 12-module intervention, low-SES caregivers demonstrated increased knowledge of early childhood cognitive and language development.

More importantly, they engaged in more conversational turn-takings, and used more praise, explanations, and open-ended questions, as well as less criticism, physical control, and intrusiveness when interacting with their child.

“These findings are particularly promising,” says Director of TMW Research Christy Lueng, “because these are the behaviors that have been shown to promote young children’s cognitive development and language learning.” Throughout the course of the intervention, these caregivers provided more enriched home language environments for their toddlers such that they had more back-and-forth conversational interactions with their children.