Erika’s Story

Recent TMW graduate Erika has a lot going on in her life. In addition to being a single mom to 2-year-old Gabriel, she’s a full-time student and helps to care for her 94-year-old grandmother. Even with so much on her plate, Erika found time to participate in the TMW-Home Visiting program and share some of her experiences with us.

“The most important thing l learned,” says Erika, “is that using my words more often can make a huge difference in both my child’s life and my own. I never thought that providing my son with the words to describe his feelings as well as the toys he plays with would be so beneficial. Now he can let me know when he is upset and why, which makes it easier for me to know how to handle the situation. Although he is still three and does not always fully understand why he can’t play outside at five in the morning, at least we both know about the situation and avoid the guessing game that frustrates us both.”