We welcome you to the inaugural issue of the TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health Newsletter!


The TMW Center is a merging of disciplines, marrying fields as diverse as economics and medicine, developmental psychology and public policy, and neuroscience and anthropology.

As we navigate our first year, there is much to be excited about.  A key distinction of our reimagination of early childhood revolves around developing a public health approach to early learning.  As such, most of our time so far has been spent building the foundation for a community-wide rollout of TMW’s integrated suite of evidenced-based interventions in a single community’s existing health, education, and social service systems. After a successful RFP announcement, the team is in the process of reviewing applications and planning the crucial next steps in the effort to select the first TMW Community later this summer.  Here, using science to guide us, we will seek to understand how to bring best practices and interventions that work to scale.  Our goal is to foster a community in which parents will be empowered to take control of their child’s development, from day 1, if not earlier!

In addition to sharing updates from the TMW Center, we’ll be looking to the broader early childhood landscape and beyond for inspiration.  We start in this issue with a snapshot of some intriguing research out of the McGovern Institute at MIT, which beautifully links the role of conversation with brain activation and child outcomes.  This is yet another example of good science pointing to the critical import of parents and the central role they play in their children’s early education.

We, along with our team, look forward to collaborating, learning from, and continuing the conversation with you as we all work to support parents and caregivers in the critical role of raising our next generation.

Warmest regards,

Dana & John
Co-Directors of the TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health