Who We Are

Rachel Dumanian

TMW Curriculum Developer

April Wesolowski

TMW Assessor

Alma Banda

TMW Research Assistant

Viviana Camacho

TMW Research Assistant

Claudia Cortez

TMW Research Assistant

Fernando Cruz

Communications Manager, TMW Center

Katie Dealy

Chief Operating Officer

Lucas Dowling

TMW Data Coordinator

Hernsa Druinaud

TMW Manager of Lab and Research Operations

Martha Flores

TMW Home Visitor

Iara Fuenmayor Rivas

TMW Bilingual Curriculum Developer

Snigdha Gupta

TMW Special Projects Manager

Jamie Hoddinott

TMW Transcriber

Alison Hundertmark

TMW Project Manager, Newborn and Well-Baby

Min Sok Lee

Advisor, Collaborations for Impact

Kristin Leffel

Director, TMW Research Operations and Strategic Innovations

Christy Leung

Director, TMW Research

Phyllis Ratliff

TMW Home Visitor

Amanda Richardson

TMW Project Manager, English Home Visiting

Michelle Saenz

TMW Project Manager, Spanish Home Visiting

Ian Schuba

TMW Transcriber

Yaxal Sobrevilla

TMW Home Visitor

Beth Suskind

Chief Creative Officer