At the TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health at the University of Chicago, we use science to drive innovation and fuel social change to help parents and caregivers improve child outcomes.

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We develop cutting-edge interventions, tools, and technology that help optimize foundational brain development, and can be used by individuals and scaled across the country.

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Our approach to preventing early cognitive disparities relies on collaboration. We are committed to building coalitions, sharing knowledge, and achieving victories across systems and communities.

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We produce research, publications, and events that generate support for a public health approach to empowering parents and promoting children’s foundational brain development.

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We share interventions and campaigns designed to help parents, caregivers, and communities promote children’s healthy development, putting resources directly in the hands of those who can use them.

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For Parents & Caregivers

We believe parents and caregivers are an untapped resource with the incentive and capacity to make a difference in their children’s early brain development.

For Communities & Providers

We believe in harnessing the power of communities, educators, and healthcare workers to support families with young children.