A joint venture between the University of Chicago’s Biological Sciences Division and the Division of the Social Sciences, the TMW Center is truly an interdisciplinary research institute. Dr. Dana Suskind and Dr. John List co-founded the TMW Center in 2017. They currently serve as Co-Directors, managing an interdisciplinary team of economists, psychologists, technologists, curriculum developers, and other experts.

We have built a highly qualified and committed team to execute our Center’s bold and multi-faceted approach to achieving our mission. Leveraging our team’s individual and collective strengths, we engage families, harness technology, leverage behavioral economics, and work collaboratively across systems. Our team’s unique pairing of economic science and early childhood development science allows us to develop scalable models that reach more than one community at a time, and ultimately, to inform public policy nationally.


Dana L. Suskind

Founder and Co-Director

John A. List

Founder and Co-Director


Olivia Appleton

Applied Data Fellow

Steph Avalos-Bock

Tech Platform Project Manager

Emma Berndt

Project Manager and Senior Advisor

Amanda Bezik

Senior Project Manager, Research Operations

Jesus Cantu

Applied Data Fellow

Simran Chatani

Research Coordinator

Laura DiCola

Strategic Advisor

Zayra E. Flores-Ayffan

Implementation Specialist

Kelsey Foreman

Curriculum Developer

Caroline Gaudreau

Research Professional

Snigdha Gupta

Senior Manager of Technology and Innovation

Athena Hallberg

Research Coordinator

Sarah Heffley

Research Technician

Imrul Huda

Research Data Scientist

Jacob Justh

Jr. Software Developer

Min Sok Lee


Lisa Lee-Herbert

Chief Operating Officer

Christy Y.Y. Leung

Director, TMW Research

Dani Levine

Principal Researcher

Andy Lewis

Manager of Operations & Staff/Student Development

Arnoldo Muller

Chief Technology Officer

Oscar Noriega

Data Science Analyst

Julie Pernaudet

Scientific Director

Pavan kumar Prathuru

Applied Data Fellow and Technical Program Manager

Liz Sablich

Director of Communications

Michelle Saenz

Senior Project Manager of Training and Early Implementation

Ajay Sailopal

Harris Applied Data Fellow

Jodi Savitt

Director of Finance and Operations

Melissa Segovia

Project Manager, Research Analysis Team

Heidi Stevens

Director of External Affairs

Elizabeth Suskind

Director, Program Development and Innovation

Mia Thompson

Senior Project Manager

Kristin Troutman

Research Coordinator

Pamela Truelove-Walker

Director, Early Childhood Education (ECE) Strategy

Jon Wenger

Special Projects Manager

Benjamin Wolf

Applied Data Fellow