About The TMW Center

Imagine a world where all kids in this country enter formal schooling ready to thrive, with a rich vocabulary, early sense of numeracy, and the ability to regulate their behavior and focus on tasks at hand. Sadly, far too often – and for a variety of complex reasons – this is not the reality for many kids.

But it could be.

Brain science gives us promising insights for how we can tackle these complex challenges. And the TMW Center translates that science into tools and strategies that help parents, organizations, and communities, meet the developmental needs of children and set them up for success in school and life.

Though science has identified parents and caregivers as key contributors to children’s foundational brain development, most early childhood efforts focus on teaching children, rather than the adults in their lives, and most reach children after the critical early years of brain formation.

Engaging and supporting parents and caregivers is a critical missing link in ensuring the healthy brain development of all children.

Parents and caregivers are an untapped resource with the incentive and capacity to make a significant difference. Yet far too many don’t know they have the power or capability to make a lasting difference by starting in the earliest days of their child’s life. And many more still have not had the opportunity or support needed to learn and apply the skills that are known to build babies’ brains.

The TMW Center is committed to changing that, to working across systems and communities to support parents and bring best practices and interventions that work to scale.