Collaborate Research Collaboration

Boston Children’s Hospital

The TMW Center has partnered with the Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN) at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) in support of an observational study that will follow approximately 700 infants longitudinally from the time they are four-months to the time they are 24-months old. The study will utilize the TMW Center’s Scale of Parents’/Providers’ Expectations And Knowledge (SPEAK®) survey tool, which measures parent and caregiver knowledge of early cognitive and language development.

The TMW Center and LCN teams will work together closely to analyze the resulting data, publish results, and further contribute to the field’s understanding of parent and caregiver investment in early language and brain development.

Video What Parents Know Matters

Dr. Dana Suskind discusses TMW Center research that reveals what parents know about early childhood development, and their role in promoting that development, impacts their behavior.

Journal Article Development of the Survey of Parent/Provider Expectations and Knowledge (SPEAK)

This study reported the development and initial validation of the Survey of Parent/Provider Expectations and Knowledge (SPEAK), a self-administered questionnaire assessing expectations and knowledge about early childhood cognitive and language development.