Collaborate Research Collaboration

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The TMW Center has partnered with Dr. Danielle Erkoboni, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to assess the feasibility of using the Scale of Parents’/Providers’ Expectations And Knowledge (SPEAK®) survey tool in routine pediatric care.

CHOP researchers have conducted interviews with parents to discuss their perceptions on receiving anticipatory guidance around SPEAK topics during their child’s pediatric visits. Additionally, they interviewed pediatric providers to learn their thoughts about integrating a SPEAK screener into their practice. Separate from these interviews, the researchers collected SPEAK surveys from over 200 parents of young children who were being seen in CHOP clinics.

CHOP is currently analyzing the results of the interviews and SPEAK surveys and the TMW Center hopes to continue to deepen this partnership to explore further integration of the SPEAK into CHOP pediatric care.

Journal Article What Parents Know Matters: Parental Knowledge at Birth Predicts Caregiving Behaviors at 9 Months

This study sheds light on the importance of promoting parental knowledge about cognitive and language development to foster parental cognitive stimulations and language inputs during the first year of life.

Journal Article Development of the Survey of Parent/Provider Expectations and Knowledge (SPEAK)

This study reported the development and initial validation of the Survey of Parent/Provider Expectations and Knowledge (SPEAK), a self-administered questionnaire assessing expectations and knowledge about early childhood cognitive and language development.