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Let’s Talk Communities

Building on the success of other TMW studies and programs, the TMW Center developed 3Ts-Let’s Talk, a program designed to be implemented, either online or in-person, in a variety of community-based group settings. 3Ts-Let’s Talk consists of a series of weekly group sessions for families with young children, usually age birth to three. The program aims to harness the social capital that results from individuals learning alongside one another. It teaches parents and caregivers about the critical role their talk and interaction play in their children’s foundational brain development, and provides research-based strategies to enhance that development. Each session includes interactive parent-directed content review led by skilled facilitators, followed by guided practice, goal setting, and coaching.

To deepen our understanding of how 3Ts-Let’s Talk works and strengthen the impact of the program, starting in 2020 the TMW Center partnered with PNC Grow Up Great to pilot the program in communities across the country, including Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Lexington, Houston, and Phoenix.

Video Importance of Early Experiences

This video explains how early experiences, particularly nurturing talk and interaction, help promote brain development.

Video Your Child's Brain is Like a Piggy Bank

Think of your child’s brain like a piggy bank. Every word you say is a coin in the bank. The more you talk, the richer your child’s brain gets. The more you invest now, the richer your child will be later.

Video Catch Your Child Being Good

This video shows what it looks like to “catch your child being good,” which can help reinforce positive behavior and strengthen neural connections.