We are committed to contributing to a growing body of knowledge around the role that parents, caregivers, and the early language environment play in foundational brain development. To this end, we conduct rigorous research, publish our findings and analyses in a variety of formats and venues, host high-impact events and convenings, and participate in the public discourse around early childhood development.

We view each of these activities as an opportunity to build champions and contribute to a shift in public will in support of investing in parents during the first five years of life.


We host and participate in events that elevate the national conversation about the need for a public health approach to early learning.

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We contribute to a growing body of knowledge around optimizing parent and caregiver investment and preventing early educational disparities.

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Dive Deeper


From popular best-sellers to academic volumes, we are proud to produce books that help readers engage with the issues we care about.

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Journal Articles

Our research appears in peer-reviewed academic journals, across a variety of disciplines.

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Working Papers, White Papers, and Reports

We collaborate to author a variety of working papers, white papers, and reports designed to elevate the conversation around supporting families and improving outcomes for children.

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