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3Ts-Early Childhood Educator

While many TMW Center interventions were developed with the goal of placing parents at the center of their children’s education, we recognize parents are not the only ones caring for young children and have designed a course specifically for childcare professionals: the 3Ts-Early Childhood Educator (3Ts-ECE) course.

Building upon the early success of the TMW Center’s parent programs, this professional development course is for providers who work in center- and home-based childcare settings. Using an interactive web-based platform, multimedia modules teach educators about the critical role of the early language environment and the use of research-based strategies to promote children’s language and cognitive development. Course content includes how the 3Ts support early literacy and math instruction, as well as social emotional development and classroom management. Each of the course’s eight modules demonstrates how caregivers can use the 3Ts to enrich their talk and interaction and maximize their students’ foundational brain development.

The course is free and open to all early childhood providers via the web.

Video 3Ts for Early Childhood Educators

This animated video offers tips for how early childhood educators can Tune In, Talk More, and Take Turns with the children they care for.