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3Ts-Let’s Talk Dads

3Ts-Let’s Talk Dads highlights the unique role fathers play in preparing their children for school and life by emphasizing the positive impact that a father’s involvement has. The program teaches dads about the critical role their talk and interaction play in their children’s development —and translates emerging brain science into easy-to-use strategies that they can use to make the most out of everyday parent-child interactions. Sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging via review of multimedia content, group discussions, practice activities, and real-time coaching led by a skilled facilitator.

Since 2020, the TMW Center has partnered with the Steve Nash Foundation to pilot 3Ts-Let’s Talk Dads in Phoenix, Arizona where the program is implemented locally by Southwest Human Development. To date, over 140 dads have participated in the program across 15 cohorts with plans to launch additional cohorts in the coming year. Feedback from program participants has been overwhelmingly positive. One 3Ts-Let’s Talk Dads graduate said, “TMW has influenced the way I interact with my kids big time…every time those little smiling faces come and want to talk or want to interact, I take advantage of it.”

Video 3Ts Strategies - Book Sharing with a Baby (Dad)

This video offers a real-life example of what book sharing with a baby looks like!

Video Steve Nash and Let's Talk Dad Graduates

NBA All-Star and TMW Center supporter Steve Nash talks about the importance of the first five years of life and the work his foundation does to help foster healthy brain development.

Video Let's Talk Dads Graduate Testimonials

Participants from our Let’s Talk Dads program discuss how the program helped them connect with their children and foster healthy brain development.