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Computer Adaptive SPEAK

In an effort to make the The Survey of Parent/Provider Expectations And Knowledge (SPEAK®) tool more precise and scalable, the TMW Center is now developing a version of SPEAK® that uses computer-adaptive testing, called SPEAK CAT™. This version of the survey will streamline assessment by adapting to the individual responding to the questions and issuing new questions based on the level of knowledge they’ve displayed. A pool of 600 potential questions has been developed based on a literature review of more than 2,000 published articles, and each survey item will be beta tested with hundreds of individuals to ensure clarity and accessibility before appearing in the final survey.

Beginning in 2023, the SPEAK CAT™ will be used in TMW Center studies and research partnerships. In the future, it will be available to other researchers who develop and assess interventions, as well as practitioners and providers who support and serve parents directly. The results of the SPEAK CAT™ will provide a more complete and useful picture of respondents’ knowledge and beliefs, which can be used to deliver information and interventions tailored to their specific needs, meaning they will be better supported and prepared to optimize their children’s foundational brain development.