Develop Tools & Technology

Research and development of cutting-edge tools and technology that strengthen parent and caregiver engagement around language development is a cornerstone of our work. As a result of years of work in this space, we have developed an evidence-based teaching tool (the 3Ts) that helps parents and caregivers gain knowledge and skills to develop their children’s intellectual and educational potential. We have introduced to the field a first-of-its-kind measurement tool (the SPEAK® survey) to measure parent and caregiver knowledge of early cognitive and language development. And we continuously use data to hone, test, and refine our work to ensure its efficacy and scalability. We are committed to developing both programmatic tools that can be used by busy parents and caregivers and measurement tools that can help researchers, providers, and others assess the efficacy of tools and programs that are intended to help parents promote foundational brain development.

Programmatic Tools

The TMW Center has created a host of easy-to-use programmatic tools to help busy parents and caregivers foster children’s foundational brain development.

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Measurement Tools

We are developing a suite of tools and technologies that will transform the way children’s early language environments are measured.

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