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The 3Ts

Every parent has a different starting point for how much they talk, but there’s no limit to how many connections they can build in their child’s brain using the 3Ts. That’s why the easy-to-remember 3Ts are at the heart of all of our programs, campaigns, and communications. We want all parents—and all adults—to recognize the power of the 3Ts and to Tune in, Talk More, and Take Turns.

Tune In means be in the moment. Pay attention to what the child is focused on and talk about it. What the child is focused on is always changing, so parents have to stay Tuned In and change their words to match.

Once a parent Tunes In, they can Talk More using a wide variety of words. A child’s brain is like a piggy bank. Every word a parent says is a penny in the bank.

When a parent Tunes In and Talks More with a child, they automatically Take Turns. It’s never too early to Take Turns and have a conversation.

When parents use all 3Ts at once, they optimize their interaction with their children.