Jesus Cantu

Applied Data Fellow

Jesus joined the TMW Center in October 2023 as an Applied Data Fellow, where he leverages his extensive expertise in data analytics and machine learning. At the Center, he focuses on developing and validating sophisticated machine learning algorithms for audio datasets. His work is pivotal in analyzing and enhancing child-caregiver conversational dynamics. Jesus leads critical data science and engineering initiatives, including the creation of reproducible data processing pipelines and the management/analysis of large and complex datasets.

Before his tenure at the TMW Center, Jesus built a career as a Researcher and Data Scientist at several prestigious institutions, including Columbia University and the University of Chicago. These roles saw him contributing to impactful research, particularly in the realm of infectious disease seasonality, and demonstrating a profound ability to harness data for in-depth analysis and societal impact. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Princeton University (2017) and a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Loyola University Chicago (2023).

Currently residing in Chicago, Jesus maintains a connection to his early passions and interests. His favorite childhood book is “A Dinosaur Named Sue: The Find of the Century” by Fay Robinson, reflecting an enduring curiosity and enthusiasm for discovery and learning.