Snigdha Gupta

Senior Manager of Technology and Innovation

Snigdha Gupta joined the TMW Center in 2017.

As Senior Manager of Technology and Innovation, she currently manages the development of the NorthStar – an affordable and scalable wearable technology designed to measure and analyze young children’s early language environment in real-time. Previously, Snigdha spearheaded several high-impact projects to advance the Center’s mission such as the development of an edited volume on scaling evidence-based interventions (The Scale-up Effect in Early Childhood and Public Policy), conceptualization and execution of the Center’s first convening (Leveraging the Healthcare System to Impact Educational Disparities) among others. She also co-taught the inaugural class of the Scale-up Effect in Public Policy at the Harris School of Public Policy.

Prior to the TMW Center, she worked on large-scale education leadership and education technology projects for over 5 years in India. Snigdha holds a master’s degree in education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Snigdha lives in Pittsburgh and her favorite books from early childhood are Stories from Panchatantra.