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We collaborate to author a variety of working papers, white papers, and reports designed to elevate the conversation around supporting families and improving outcomes for children.

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Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Gender Gaps in Parental Investments in Young Children: Uncovering the Role of Parental Beliefs

This study explores a new potential mechanism for gender gaps in parental investments: differences in beliefs between fathers and mothers of young children.

Report How a Better Understanding of Scaling Can Enhance Early Childhood Policy and Improve Lives

This report explores a critical missing link in the evidence-based policymaking process: understanding how to scale evidence-based programs. It offers recommendations for using the science of scaling to achieve impact at scale.

NBER Working Paper No. 25848 The Science of Using Science: Towards an Understanding of the Threats to Scaling Experiments

This study provides a theoretical lens to deepen our understanding of the science of how to use science.

NBER Working Paper No. 21477 Parental Incentives And Early Childhood Achievement: A Field Experiment In Chicago Heights

This article describes a randomized field experiment in which parents were provided financial incentives to engage in behaviors designed to increase early childhood cognitive and executive function skills through a parent academy.

Bridging the 30 Million Word Gap, White House Convening, 2013 Bridging the Early Language Gap: A Plan for Scaling Up

This white paper describes a multi-tiered set of interventions pitched at the population, community, and individual levels.

Bridging the 30 Million Word Gap, White House Convening, 2013 Early Language Gaps: Sources and Solutions

The goal of this report is to provide empirical evidence on: the status of the early language gap in the United States, predictors and consequences of that gap, interventions designed to close the gap, and remaining issues that need to be explored.