Building a Parent Nation

April 15, 2022

Parent Nation: Unlocking Every Child’s Potential, Fulfilling Society’s Promise, by Dr. Dana Suskind, arms individuals and organizations with the powerful science that reveals how society can and should help families meet the developmental needs of their children. It will provide a roadmap—informed by the science of foundational brain development—for the action required to create a society oriented around robust support for the first years of life.

But Parent Nation is more than a book. It is a platform for change fueled by a national, multimedia public impact campaign.

Together, this major campaign and this highly anticipated volume will help shift political will in favor of championing families and giving all children an opportunity to thrive. And they will illuminate the actions and reforms needed to turn support into reality.

Learn more about the book, the campaign, and how you can get involved on the Building a Parent Nation website!