TMW Center Newsletter April 2022

April 26, 2022

It Takes a Nation. A Parent Nation.

Parent Nation, the brand new book from TMW Center Co-Director Dana Suskind, hits bookshelves today! To help bring the ideas from this powerful book to life, we’re also launching a social media campaign highlighting the power and beauty of parental engagement and the need to better support these critical moments. You can access all of our campaign assets here. We hope you will consider sharing the message with your own networks!

New TMW Center study published in The Journal of Pediatrics

Promising results suggest that video-based interventions added to well-child visits could effectively promote cognitive growth fostering behaviors among parents, to the benefit of children around the country. Read the article.

TMW Center in the News

“Suskind (Thirty Million Words), a professor of surgery and pediatrics, makes an impassioned case for family-focused policy to support brain development in young children. … Wrenching stories of parents driven to the brink by a broken system make policy issues feel powerfully personal. This is an incisive and persuasive call to action.” - Publisher’s Weekly review of Parent Nation

“For the longest time in this country, we’ve said to parents, ‘You know what? It’s all on you.’ … Our structures just aren’t set up to support parents.” - Dana Suskind on Freakonomics Radio

“The world is home to more than 2 billion children. Until we make it easier for all parents to meet the developmental needs of their children so they reach their full potential, our society will fail to reach its own.” - Dana Suskind in Rotary Magazine


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