For Parents & Caregivers

Research shows that how and how much parents and caregivers talk and interact with their children have a big impact on the children’s success in school and life. Children aren’t born smart, they’re made smart by parents and caregivers talking and interacting with them.

We support parents on this journey with a suite of resources that translate the science of early brain development and teach easy-to-use strategies to enhance a child’s early language environment in everyday situations. All our resources are parent- and caregiver-directed, with parents and caregivers playing an active role in their development.

Parent Village Toolkit

An integral part of our Building a Parent Nation campaign, Parent Villages bring together small groups of parents for a powerful learning and social support experience.

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We have designed an interactive website for parents and caregivers aimed at supporting their efforts to foster early brain development in their children.

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The Power of Words

Research shows that how and how much a parent talks and interacts with their child has a big impact on the child’s success in school and life.

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The 3Ts and Technology

The 3Ts are your tools to make the most out of every interaction with your child. When you use all 3Ts at once, you build the strongest, most efficient brain possible.

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