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The 3Ts and Technology

The 3Ts are your tools to make the most out of every interaction with your child. When you use all 3Ts at once, you build the strongest, most efficient brain possible.

Every parent has a different starting point for how much they talk, but there’s no limit to how many connections you can build in your child’s brain using the 3Ts.

Tune In means be in the moment. Pay attention to what your child is focused on and talk about it. What your child is focused on is always changing, so you have to stay Tuned In and change your words to match.

Once you Tune In, Talk More with your child. Remember, every word you say fills her bank and builds her brain.

When you Tune In and Talk More with your child, you automatically Take Turns. No matter your child’s age, you can Take Turns and have a conversation.

You don’t have to buy anything. You don’t have to carve out special time. Just use the 3Ts to talk and interact with your child throughout the day.

3Ts and Technology

Technology is a big part of our lives. While it makes life easier in many ways, it also creates some very real challenges for parent-child interaction.

You can’t use the 3Ts to build your child’s brain if you or your child is focused on technology.

Since it’s not realistic to get rid of technology completely, how can you make the most of the technology time you and your child get? Model healthy technology habits and use the 3Ts!

Identify how and how much technology you use and look for opportunities to cut back to set a good example for your child.

In those moments when your child is enjoying screen time, be an active participant. Tune In to what is holding his attention and Talk More about it. Encourage him to Take Turns and make it a conversation. The more turns your child takes, the more he learns.

Technology and your child’s brain

While we know technology is here to stay, we don’t yet know the long-term impacts of too much technology on children. As researchers continue to study this important issue, here’s what we know about the short-term effects:

Too Much Technology infographic

What can you do to manage technology use in your family?

Tips for Managing Technology infographic

We know that young children learn best from human interaction. They learn best from YOU. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting screen time:

Screen Time Recommendations infographic

It's awesome having the power of being the one that puts all this knowledge inside of my child. The most rewarding part of being involved with the TMW project is that I'm able to see all this growth. You know, I'm being the number one witness of her brain growing.