Community Collaborations

Given the magnitude of the number of families in need, a community-wide approach to preventing early cognitive disparities and optimizing foundational brain development is needed. Without a single point of entry for change—as the public school system can be for children aged five and older—the multi-centric early childhood environment makes it difficult to make the critical leap from knowing what works to scaling what works. As part of our agenda to improve early learning outcomes, the TMW Center partners with communities to embed our evidence-based interventions in existing health, education, and community service systems. Each of these partnerships looks different and is designed to meet the needs of our community partners while providing us with critical data to help answer the question: What works best for whom?

Akron, OH

We’re partnering closely with Summit Education Initiative (SEI) and local partners in healthcare and community-based programming in Akron, OH to deliver TMW Center interventions to local families.

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Any Time is 3Ts Time Communities

We’ve provided 3Ts campaign resources to more than 300 organizations in 40+ regions across the country.

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Let’s Talk Communities

Six communities across the country have partnered with us to pilot 3Ts-Let’s Talk in their region.

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Palm Beach County, FL

In one of our earliest community collaborations, we partnered closely with the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County to deliver TMW Center interventions to local families.

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