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Rich language environments, responsive caregivers, and adult-child exchanges are critical to building children’s brains. Programs that strengthen parent and caregiver engagement around language development and tools that assess their efficacy are essential. The TMW Center’s suite of interventions support parents and caregivers in their efforts to foster their children’s early brain development. Created in partnership with parents and other stakeholders, the evidence-based interventions translate emerging brain science into parent-directed strategies to enhance children’s early language environments.

To date, our programs have reached more than 5,000 families in 7 states and counting. Initial results indicate they are effective in increasing caregivers’ knowledge, as well as behaviors that are known to support young children’s brain development, including more frequent conversational turn-taking and use of open-ended questions. The latter is particularly meaningful as new and emerging scientific research points to the importance of conversational turn-taking in building children’s language and cognitive skills.


A 10-minute video, shared postpartum, designed to help new parents understand their role in building their child’s foundational brain development.

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3Ts-Well Baby

A series of four 10-minute videos, implemented in a pediatric clinic setting, designed to help new parents learn ways to enhance their baby’s brain development.

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3Ts-Home Visiting

Our flagship, 12-week home visiting program, implemented one-on-one, in the home setting, focused on the power of parent talk and interaction.

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3Ts-Early Childhood Educator

An online, eight-module professional development curriculum designed for early childhood educators in home- and center-based child care facilities.

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3Ts-Let’s Talk

An eight-module educational group program for parents of children 0-3 that teaches easy-to-use strategies to make the most out of everyday parent-child interactions.

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3Ts-Let’s Talk Dads

A series of four educational modules, focused on supporting the role of dads in their children’s early brain development, designed to be implemented in a group setting.

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A program to support pediatric providers and staff in sharing vital anticipatory guidance about caregivers’ roles in their children’s foundational brain development.

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An evidence-based pre-k curriculum that includes components for both children and their parents, and focuses on academic as well as socio-emotional learning.

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